‘Knowledge needs to be transferred to skills. The Knowledge economy is based on knowledge based skills. This has to be done from Primary Curriculum to Higher Education. Today the Competency-Based Curricular is only centered around academic learning outcomes, ignoring the skill as a Learning Outcome’ (Sedere 2010)

 The challenges facing curriculum development and implementation at all levels education have been of a major concern for most countries around the world. The African Curriculum Association (ACA) finds this phenomenon a challenge for curriculum developers and implementers – education administrators and policy makers, teacher developers, Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and Non-Governmental Organisations – that must be addressed to ensure curriculum development and implementation are effective on the continent. ACA through its conference creates a platform for stakeholders to meet, dialogue and develop strategies to mitigate the challenges in a holistic way.

ACA in an attempt to reinvigorate its activities on the continent had a conference in Uganda (28th -31st May, 2018) to kick-start the process of promoting curriculum research and development as well as creating synergies among academics and experts to have common curriculum elements and robust standardized practices that meet our developmental needs.

To help achieve this, the African Curriculum Association invites prospective authors from around the world (mainly from Africa) to register and participate in the forthcoming and second international conference scheduled to take place in Ghana – 26th – 31st May, 2019 – under the theme ‘Remapping Educational Curriculum: An African Dialogue’


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